We will probably never know why some people are driven to collect family history and trace their lineage, while others give less than a cursory interest in the subject.

I would hazard a guess that many of those searching for their family links are people who are looking for their connection to the world. In western cultures all too often we seem to be lacking in ‘stories’ that have successfully transcended generations.

For many indigenous people, such as the Maori and Aborigines, story-telling is an inherent part of their culture and connection to tribes and the history is vitally important for their sense of self and belonging.

Today’s often chaotic world doesn’t offer much of a connection to anything.

There’s so many kinds of families today that the traditional nuclear family is more of a rarity than the norm.

So how do the keen genealogists do it?

We’d like to hear about some successful searches and how key information was obtained. Can you help this discussion?

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Family History

Interested in your family history?  The best place to start is by talking to your older living relatives, the best time to start is NOW! Important links and vital clues can be lost when these people pass.

Create a book and start keeping notes, remember to attribute the stories/information to the correct people.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to photos – scan them and get them saved electronically. Certificates and special papers can also be scanned and stored on a reputable web storage facility such as

Remember sorting the information in some kind of order is less important than finding it  before it is lost forever.

Has anyone got advice or real life stories on their own family history searches?

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