Does the latest NZTA advertising – Flying Objects – work?

For me graphic images of necks breaking and organs being squashed certainly makes an impact. I guess I’m a visual learner as, since this latest campaign, I have found myself thinking of just how superhuman I am not!

Years ago I took a course of nictoine patches to stop smoking. The patches caused sleepless night and after three weeks, and with my eyeballs hanging out, I went cold turkey. However, I held onto a pamphlet which came with the pack that had picture of a smokers hardened artery squeezed of it’s contents – a common image now found cigarette packs as a warning for those who cant break the habit. That image helped me stop smoking and stay smoke-free for ten years!

Yesterday I received a very graphic email from a friend in Australia of a car and truck accident caused by the driver who was texting his girlfriend drifted into the oncoming truck. The site of the mangled vehicles pailed in comparision to those of the dismembered body of the young man. That image wont leave my head for many years to come. And while I dont text and drive anyway, there is no way I will now!

Shock theraphy certainly is one way to get safety messages through to us. Death being the ultimate price we pay for our poor choices.

I believe, in times when a million messages are bombarded at us daily, we’ve become discerning in both what we pay attention to and what suits us to pay attention to. The NZTA and their advertising agency have hit the nail on the head with this latest campaign … it is often the unslightly reminders of our fragility (mangled bodies) that make us sit up and pay attention.

Road deaths in Australasia continue to climb and while we can not control the actions of others, we can control our own. None of us is superhuman and innocent people lose their lives every day on our roads, we need to keep road safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Speeding, drinking, drugs, distraction, tiredness are all extremely dangerous. The moment you turn the key and put your car into drive, remember you are in charge of a potentially lethal, life-ending weapon .

Finally, “youth drink-driving is one of the largest causes of death and injuries in New Zealand roads. Each year, young drivers cause nearly half of all alcohol-related road crashes.” source

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