These past few days have been the hardest for me personally and professionally.

 You will find the list of the men, women and children whose innocent lives were lost in our city’s earthquake on 22/2/2011 on as their names are released.

As I write this, 103 are confirmed dead. There will be many widows, orphans and childless parents in not only our country but throughout the world.

 Trust Funds that are be being set up for these families will be published on the victims memory pages. Please give generously. 

While money cant ever replace what has been lost, it will help them tremendously as they try to rebuild their lives. EVERY little bit will make a difference.

 For those of us lucky to escape with our lives, the Red Cross is a phenomenal organisation. We lost our home last September, we have now lost another. Displacement is a horrible experience, as is losing your treasured momentos, and having access to the services and grants the Red Cross have given at these times is without doubt as vital as the air we breathe. Please help them, continue to help those in Christchurch.

Finally, before this latest catastrophe the city was almost starting to rebuild itself but was feeling forgotten as it struggled through months of basic services missing and over 4,000 aftershocks. Please don’t forget us, tell us you are with us in spirit. You can do this on A Memory Tree.

I hate that what I feel so passionately about, sharing memories and condolences, has hit so close to home and with such overwhelming force. I can only believe as I am still passionate (with a breaking heart) that this is what I have been destined to do in my lifetime.

Thank you for your support of me, but most importantly the support you can provide for the families and affected people in Christchurch and further afield.

Please pass this post on to your network of friends and acquaintances so that they are able to also help at this time.

Go well, keep safe and support each other,