It can not be denied that we live in an electronic age and that online services are an essential in all areas of business. Sadly, without monitoring, online remembrance type pages can be abused and cause a great of harm.

Case in point, this week a 12 year old Brisbane school boy was fatally stabbed at school. A 13 year old fellow pupil committed the crime. Within hours a Facebook page was opened and despite many genuine message left there was extremely offensive material, including child sexual abuse, bestiality and torture also posted. Police raced to close the page down, only for another to open hours later. Read story here.

It’s not the first time and won’t be the last time this kind of abuse happens and that’s why it is important to support and promote genuine sites such a who not only have public pages that the wider community can use, but also have a full monitoring system in place.

A comprehensive list of deceased and opening pages free, is one way to mitigate adhoc pages opened elsewhere and still support the growing demand for online pages to leave messages.

Quite simply, if there is a safe and dignified space for people to go to, they will go, use it and cherish it.

For Elliot Fletcher’s family and supporters, what a blow to have the memory, and thousands of genuine messages posted, spoilt by a handful of sick people.

I believe that sites such as Facebook, Bebo, MySpace are not the places to remember a loved one.

They should link to bonafide sites such as A Memory Tree which helps manage how and where the wider community grieves and supports.