When someone dies it is hard to go about letting other people know. Technology these days has a helping hand in providing communication that is easier to use in times of grief, without the need to physically face others. Whilst it may seem a little impersonal to some, texting on cell phones and emailing can pass messages quickly and easily to extended family and friends. It seems this is now an acceptable way of communicating in times of loss, and has the added advantage of creating a potentially lasting message which can be saved and read at a later time.

These messages of support are so important for the grieving process and also for passing memories on to future generations, so it makes sense to embrace the new technology. With the advent of social community networking systems on the Internet communicating is easier, but not always presented in a suitable setting. At A Memory Tree we wanted to create a special place to record these memories and messages that was accessible and appropriate for all. See our Remembrance Pages at http://www.amemorytree.co.nz.