Losing a life partner at anytime of your life can be like losing a limb.

Widowed after 46 years of marriage, my mother-in-law suddenly found she was living a life so different from the one she had all her life.

The traditional role of wife and mother had overnight extended to financier, gardener, handyman and chief decision maker. Topped off with the loss of her nearest and dearest, her life became very stressful.

After the plethora well wishers moved on to their normal lives and financial matters were settled, her sense of purpose was challenged. We worried about her a great deal.

It’s been a few years and now and Grandma has actually flourished despite our concerns. She’s successfully re-homed herself and manages all her affairs better than most of us do.

However it is the loneliness that is her greatest pain, it brings on boredom and with boredom comes a great deal of time to worry away about life, relationships, the economy.

Have you a surviving parent, or are you a widower? Can you share your story with the group?