No matter what our age, losing a brother or sister can have an enormous impact.

You may be best of friends or worst of enemies. You may be alike or wildly different and you may have even developed polar opposite ideas on how life should be lived, despite being raised in the same family.

It never fails to surprise me how different my sisters and I are yet we have shared a similar upbringing and early childhood experiences.

Despite our differences, it’s with these early childhood experiences that a unique familial bond is formed. This bond is a special belief about the person your brother or sister is and what their place is in your family and in your life.

Survivor guilt is a strong emotion common place amongst living siblings. “Why them?” “Why wasn’t it me?” “I’m pleased that’s not me, but I feel guilty feeling that?” “My parents are inconsolable, was he/she their favourite?” and so on.

How have you overcome losing a sibling? What was your experience?