My journey to parenthood has always been a little more challenging than I would have liked but it has made the gifts of my children more valuable.

My daughter and step-daughter are brilliant, funny and so much a part of my life that I couldn’t imagine losing them.

However earlier this year I lost a child, snatched away hours after she was born, the loss was unbearable. The shock was indescribable. The grieving continues.

Her suffering, her fight, her tiny life hanging in the balance and I couldn’t hold her when she needed it the most. Mummy couldn’t make it better.

Her future …. our future with her …. gone.

Life says – we simply don’t bury our children, they bury us. That’s how it’s ‘supposed’ to be surely.

Sadly parents do lose their children, young children and grown children alike,  and with it  comes a unique and particularly difficult time for us. Our family is still learning how we can turn this experience into a positive one.

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