As sure as life exists it will pass as well.

My feelings on death and dying have been tested over the years and just how we all deal with the grief is so very individual. There are stages to the grieving process and my experience has shown that every time I go through it it’s unpredictable.

Alotting time to grieve is a useful tool way to manage it.

It may sound peculiar to book in a time to grieve but it can also give you control of your emotions back AS WELL AS giving you the time to grieve.  Seriously it works!’

The “rules’ of this grief time are

1.  Book in 20 minutes of alone time and focus on the loss.

2. You can do this upto three times a day.

3. Set your watch by it – don’t focus on the loss a minute more than the 20 minutes allotted.

 4. Preplan a nice event, something that you enjoy doing, to do immediately afterwards. If you enjoy going to the movies, visting the mall, catching up with friends, going for a bike ride – this is what you need to do.

This technique is useful and has helped many deal with the unpredicatble tearful times. Allowing yourself to grieve with 100% focus for a set period, lets a little steam off your grief.

Has anyone else got some helpful advice?